THE BEATLES – The Word – Ghetto Funk Allstars Captain Remix

Popular Beat-Combo Given 21-st Century Tune-Up

There are people who say that you can’t mess around with The Beatles‘ music: that the songs are holy artefacts, separate from, yet ruling over the entire history of Pop Music and that this position is not open to question. Can I state right here, for the record, that these people are idiots. The entire Beatles musical journey was one of taking their influences from EVERYWHERE , from basic 3-chord rock ‘n’ roll, country & western and rockabilly, through to more ‘high-brow’ art, such as Bach and William Burroughs, and putting their unique Beatles-spin on it. Pop Music develops by taking the past, twisting it, and sending it off into the future: this is its purpose, and how it evolves.

Which brings us here.

This is a great re-mix. It keeps the basic structure of the original, and enhances the elements which made it great in the first place-McCartney‘s killer bass-line, and the Lee Dorsey-style piano riff. It works to demonstrate the skill of the remixer and to bring out the brilliance of the original. Past meets Present and becomes The Future-dig?